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Clan Campbell Societies
The Campbells are one of the biggest Clans in the World with members far and wide.

All Campbells, or people of a related name (see septs), who were not brought up in Scotland should not feel they are out of touch with the incredible riches of their clan heritage. If you are a Campbell and your ‘heart is in the Highlands' there are a number of Clan Campbell Societies around the world to welcome and bring your Scottish heritage nearer home.

The Societies are a font of knowledge - historical, educational and genealogical as well as social. Most have a membership system with a newsletter, information on social occasions and highland games as well as members with a deep love and knowledge of the Diaspora of one of Scotland's most famous families.

If you would like more information please contact one of the Societies listed:




New Zealand 

The Official List of Clan Campbell Septs

The Official List of Clan Campbell Septs

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